Configure MAS Engine

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The MAS Engine Admin interface can be accessed using a web browser. Google Chrome is recommended.

In a web browser address type the following : https://<IP address of MAS Engine> or (This assumes you have created a DNS entry the maps the IP address of the MAS engine to the domain name as described in the MAS Engine Installation section.)

The web form shown below appears.

The default username is : MAS The default password is : A0password

MAS License Key Entry

Licensed MAS Engines must have a license key entered before they can be used. You will receive the license key from your MAS Sale Engineer, or via an email from Vendita. The web page shown below allows entry of your MAS license key.

Enter the license key information, and press save.

After the correct license key is entered you will be logged into the MAS Admin Interface. You can review the license key information at any time, and also view the End User License Agreement ("EULA") for MAS in the Admin Interface, as shown below:

Change Default Password

To secure the MAS engine change the default password. Use the "MAS Admin User Interface Password" on the MAS Admin Interface show below to change the password. Once the new password has been entered, press "Save".

Create Database Account

The MAS iOS app connects to the MAS Engine using a database user account. Using the MAS Admin interface, create a database user. You will specify the username and password. This feature of the MAS Admin interface is shown below.

Once this account is created, it can be used to login with the MAS iOS interface.