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The MAS Virtual Appliance is delivered as a VMWare virtual machine. The MAS Virtual Appliance is delivered from a ftp server as an .ova (open virtual appliance) file.

A Vendita sales engineer will provide the password and login information for the sftp server. You will receive a unique directory from where you will download your .ova file.

The URL for the Vendita sftp server is A unique username is created for each .ova file to be downloaded. The MAS appliance .ova file is located in the /MAS directory. Filezilla is an excellent download utility that can be used for downloading the .ova file ( Filezilla]

This download can be completed with command line commands for users with systems that support this, as shown below.

1.) Connect to sftp server with

    sftp <username>@<password> 

(Login with username and password provided by Vendita sales engineer) 2.) change to MAS directory

    cd MAS 

3. (list files in MAS directory)


4.) download .ova file

    get *.ova 

Using the VMWare console, create a virtual machine into which the MAS Virtual Appliance will be imported.

Press the "Create/Register VM" button on the console to import the machine on the VMWare console, the window shown below appears:

Press the "Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA file" button on the window, then the window shown below appears:

For the name of the virtual machine type "MAS" and drag the .OVA file on to this window in the designated area.

Complete the installation process, for virtual machine attributes use the following:

CPU Cores : 2 Memory : 2048 MB Disk Storage : 16GB

Network Setup

Once the MAS Virtual Appliance is up and running, use the VMWare console to determine the IP address assigned by DHCP to the virtual appliance.

Using this network address, create a DHCP entry for this IP address that is for The application server on the MAS engine has a certificate that uses this domain name, and the domain name must be used when setting connectivity to this account.