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MAS DBA Power Tools provide today's database administrator with capabilities not found on any other product.

Database Parallel Execution 
A flexible tool that allows you to run a query or script against a large number of databases.
Query Import 
Create a MAS process for any script that you have on any database.
SQLPlus Utilities 
Run one-off SQLPlus scripts or SQLPlus scripts against many databases. Import complex SQLPlus into the MAS.
Oracle Patching 
Oracle quarterly patching is available from MAS for x86 / Linux based Oracle servers.
Oracle Licensed Feature Usage Report 
Oracle Licensed Feature Usage Report - Avoid costly Oracle Audits!
MariaDB Incremental Backup 
MariaDB features Incremental Backups for versions 10.2 and 10.3. Learn about how MAS supports this exciting new feature. (Ships 7/23/19)